Jenny Tufts: 50/50 Residency

Mon 12 Sep 2022 - Fri 16 Sep 2022
10:00 - 18:00

Jenny Tufts is the receipient of a partnership support residency award.

'Thanks to the support of Dance Ireland and the Arts Council Circus Bursary Award, I will be undertaking two weeks of movement research at Dance House under the mentorship of contemporary and Irish dance artist Oran Leong. As an artist trained mostly by circus professionals and without a formal performance/movement education, I wish to gain a foundational understanding of the artforms which routinely blend with and enhance contemporary circus work (dance, theatre). With Oran, I aim to experience a range of contemporary choreography and methods of creation, develop a practice that feels authentic in my body, and blend the techniques learned with my existing knowledge of acrobatics and aerial dance.'

Read more about Jenny HERE.