International Residency: Alan Greig

Mon 13 Mar 2023 - Sat 18 Mar 2023
10:00 - 18:00

Alan Greig is the receipent of an Eadrainn/Between Us International Residency. 

Eadrainn/Between Us is a new programme of creative exchange between Dance Ireland and Dance Base Scotland to provide an opportunity to connect artists across both organisations and countries, to share practice, and to develop an ecology of exchange and collegial support.

Alan is holding a free workshop, open to dancers and actors on Tuesday the 14th March, at 12pm. Registration is required HERE.

Alan is also going to show some of his current and recent work, with a studio sharing, on Thursday the 16th March, at 4pm. Registration is required HERE.

About Alan & the residency

Within Reach (a dance theatre solo)

'I am currently working as a solo dance artist based in Edinburgh. I have an interest in story- telling, using self -written monologues. The characters I am drawn to are usually iconic LGBTQ personas, such as Quentin Crisp, Kate Bush, Tennessee Williams, and Joan Crawford. I am interested in the use of dance, movement, physical gesture, humour, and text. I have presented work in black box theatres and in site-specific and flash mob presentations, most recently at the Edinburgh Fringe festival (2019) ‘Self-Portraits’ a specifically commissioned film by Dance Base in 2020 ‘Within Reach’ and the development of that filmed work at The Hidden Door festival (2022).

I have been working professionally in Scotland since 1989 as a choreographer, teacher, performer, and mentor. During the week-long residency in Ireland, I will focus and developing my choreographic language and continuing to find new written monologues. Having a residency to focus entirely on my creative work is what every artist hopes and strives for: time in a studio to explore, think, try out, create, reject, and explore some more. I am absolutely thrilled to have my first studio residency with Dance Ireland.'

Alan Greig | Within Reach Part 2 from Dance Base Scotland on Vimeo.

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