In Studio Dance for Parkinson’s

Every Monday from Mon 22 Apr 2024 - Mon 1 Jul 2024
12:00 - 13:00
Please Note:
No external footwear allowed in studio. Shoe covers can be provided at reception if requested.
No Classes on Bank Holidays

In our Dance for Parkinson’s classes, participants are inspired to explore movement and music in ways that are energising, fun, stimulating and creative. Internationally, people affected by Parkinson’s Disease, have hugely benefitted from taking part in dance classes as their range and fluidity of motion, multi-tasking, and balance increase; in addition to co-ordination and efficiency of movement.

Classes start with a gentle, yoga based chair warm up. Energizing and inspiring music will then guide you as you discover diverse dance styles and practical movement methods that address balance, flexibility, and confidence. Movement tasks will focus on problem solving, improvisation, vocal skills, and repetition from memory and multi-tasking, which are all key areas for people with Parkinson's.

"The class helps me think about a certain kind of movement, and explore that movement, that I might not otherwise have encountered just walking around. It shifts my perspective and makes me think about things in an entirely new way." 

"This class has been an important, positive impact on my life. Although I speak for myself, I’m convinced this sentiment is shared by the many who attend your zoom classes. Olwyn teaches wonderful dance skills but she also instils and restores diminished bodily confidence in those of us whose who deal with movement issues and other realities of living with PD. Those who are comprised physically to varying degrees, but whose imagination and creativity are wholly intact."  - Nora, March 2023

Join us – increase your flexibility, range of motion, meet new people, and have FUN!  Class is open to all and we welcome care givers, spouses, and friends to join in.