Healthier Dancer 2019

Mon 4 Nov 2019 - Wed 6 Nov 2019
10:00 - 18:00
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This year we focus on physical and mental resilience in the life of a dancer.

We open up with a discussion on navigating failure versus perfectionism through the ups and downs of a career in dance. Dance psychotherapist Terry Hyde will chair this discussion with contributions from Rachel Ni Bhraonáin (dancer/choreographer, Ireland), Emma Jayne Park (choreographer, Scotland), Liz Roche (choreographer, Ireland) and Shelby Williams (soloist, Royal Ballet Flanders, US/Belgium)

Join Terry Hyde, Lucia Kickham and Khyle Eccles on the following days as they introduce tools and methodologies for mental and physical self-care, with workshops on mental health strategies, creating a healthy environment in the studio, and maximising your physical training in and out of the studio.

Three Day Schedule 

Monday 4 November

2-4pm, Talk: Resilience v. Perfection: the success of failure in dance careers

Chaired by Terry Hyde
Panel members: Shelby Williams, Rachel Ni Bhraonáin, Liz Roche, with a contribution from Emma Jayne Park (Cultured Mongrel)

In this talk we will being together dance professionals from different genres and stages of their career to open up a discussion on our relationship between perfectionism and failure in dance, and what it means to be resilient through the ups and downs of a career in dance. Chaired by dance psychotherapist Terry Hyde the panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A inviting the perspectives of the audience

Followed by a reception.

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Price: €5 single ticket/included in full package)

Tuesday 5 November

11:30 – 1:30pm Workshop 1: Mental Self Care for Dancers with Terry Hyde

The workshop will include recognising mental health symptoms, how they relate to performers as well as looking at typical underlying factors and triggers. We will explore the participants’ relationship with food, perfectionism, social media influences and body image.
A discussion regarding the relationship between mental health and injuries is also part of the workshop. Participants will learn techniques to use for themselves and also to help others. Due to the subject matter, some issues may come up for participants during the workshop.

2 – 6pm (4 sessions)Terry Hyde: One to One consultations for dancers

(Can be booked as part of the day ticket on a first come first served basis)


2.30 – 5pm Workshop 2. “Borrowing Models: Creating an open creative environment” with Lucia Kickham

In this workshop Lucia will share some of her experience in working with the Agile methodology/Scrum Process Model. Lucia adapted these iterative process structures, most often used in the software development industry, for use during the studio research and creation period of her recent work INIT:The Warm Up Project. As an experienced performer; for this project moving into the role of choreographer with a group of dancers, Lucia aimed to gently dismantle the hierarchy of ownership of the project through the creation of a self-organising team of collaborators. Lucia will talk about and facilitate a practical session sharing some exercises used to foster positive group dynamics and open communication. She will be joined by INIT:The Warm Up Project Ailish Maher.

 Wednesday 6 November

Khyle Eccles: Physical Resilience for Dancers

 3 sessions which will include lectures, presentations and practical work:

Session 1: 12 – 2pm
Strength and Conditioning: progressing through injury

This two hour seminar will involve a lecture plus practical work with individual/group examples/exercises, moving through progressing form, injury/healing time frame/rehabilitation, to prehabilitation, to movement integration, into tissue integrity and rehabilitation, into performance enhancement, into needs analysis, into periodisation.

Session 2: 2.45 – 4.15
Conditioning Exposure - ‘bang for buck’ conditioning for dance professionals

Whether you're a teacher or performer, this session will focus on how we train what needs to be trained to support our technical and creative practice. This one and half hour practical training session will cover strength, power, aerobic work, anaerobic work, balance and stability; consisting of a warm up, training for specific athletic components, cool down and discussion.

Session 3: 4:30 – 6pm
Stronger, Fitter, Better Dancer - dispelling myths and cracking the whip

This presentation and discussion will identify barriers from both a physiological and artistic point of view with regards to strength and conditioning/supplementary training. The presentation will examine the most common myths and confusions around the balance of artistic and physiological development, and inform personal practice as well as teaching practice.

Booking Information

€60 for 3 day package DI members/€70 3day package non DI members - €35 per full day DI members/ €40 per full day* - €5 talk only

*professional morning class is included in daily rates and full package for those who wish to, and are able to avail of it, limited availability, enquire on booking

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