HATCH Studio Sharing

Fri 15 Dec 2023
17:00 - 18:30
Free. Advance Booking Required

Join our 2023 HATCH artists in studio; there will be a short work-in-progress showing from our Creation Awardee, Rocio Dominguez, as well as a Q&A with all of the HATCH artists.
This is an opportunity to hear from emerging and established dance artists, as they share insights into their practice, and how the awards have enabled them with their professional development.

After the sharing, we will host our annual Dance Ireland Christmas Party!

Find out more about Rocio's sharing and book in below!

Two people meet on a plane and wonder,

where do we go when we leave?

The flight is the transition.

“I need to make it work” is a mantra that goes on for years, when we are far away learning the art of constant adaptation. To keep on going becomes the only path towards a semblance of sanity. When are we going to stop?

Don’t Stop And You Won’t Notice explores ideas surrounding the flight of planes, birds, airports, nests, and the notions derived from there: belonging, distance, transformation, and home. With Don’t Stop And You Won’t Notice, the artists delved into an exploration of their common roots and re-signified elements of their childhood, together with the new landscapes which have become routine: planes, airports, the sky. The piece is an attempt to hold on to the known as a resource to prevent collapse.

Rocio and Jairo met on a 13-hour plane and only talked for 15 minutes before landing. Coincidence (or not), they are both artists coming from neighbouring towns and have numerous acquaintances in common. Both Argentinians living abroad, they joined forces to share their experiences of being foreign artists in Europe. They invited Eleni, a Greek dancer that has also lived abroad for many years. Strong believers that embracing difference is what makes people grow, the diverse cultures they come from and have seen along the way is the base of their work.

Direction: Rocio Dominguez

Dancer: Eleni Roberts Kazouri

Visual Artist and Performer: Jairo Alvarez

Costume Designer: Juliana Pacheco