HATCH 2018 Open Studio with Lucia Kickham

Thu 29 Nov 2018
12:00 - 14:00
Free. RSVP to: reception@danceireland.ie

INIT: The Warm-Up Project begins.

Welcome to our process. We invite you into the studio as we begin exploring the place of warm-up in contemporary dance practice.
How can we, as dancers and humans, make ourselves available, open and ready?
What does being “available” mean?
How do we prepare ourselves for the unexpected, to create an as yet unimagined future?
How do we decide what spectrum of energy we are going to work within?

During the HATCH residency Lucia Kickham wants to address these research questions with three other dancers; Nerea, Gurrutxaga, Ailish Maher and Alessandra Ruggeri. They will conduct this investigation through physical tasks of play and embodied questioning.
In the first week of research, while the ideas remain fresh and vulnerable, they will open the door and invite you to sit, support, observe and quite probably affect the way they act simply by your being present, as they jump into this explorative residency.

For further information:

  • Telephone: +35318558800