HATCH 2018: Lucia Kickham

Mon 26 Nov 2018 - Fri 21 Dec 2018
10:00 - 18:00

HATCH 2018: Lucia Kickham

Lucia will use HATCH as an incubation period to examine the place of warm-up in contemporary dance practice. With a team of skilled dancers, guest movement practitioners, a DJ and a sports psychologist, she will investigate how we, as dancers and humans, make ourselves available and open for action. How do we prepare ourselves for the unexpected and as yet unimagined future? Lucia and her creative team will explore the concepts of adaptive preparation, versatile readiness and reactive availability in performance, within dance and other movement disciplines.

During the HATCH residency Lucia will structure her studio research using the Scrum process model. This is an iterative, reflective framework used in the software development industry to create critical feedback loops and meet project goals.

Through HATCH, Lucia is excited to develop her choreographic practice while researching for this new work INIT: The Warm Up Project open to the public.

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