Dublin Dance Festival: Pro Intensive- Amala Dianor

Thu 19 May 2022
10:00 - 12:00
10 euro

Explore the diverse choreographic world of French-Senegalese dance artist Amala Dianor. This Pro-Intensive is presented by Dublin Dance Festival and Big Pulse Dance Alliance Local Pulse.

Amala Dianor’s work is driven by diverse movement styles. He deconstructs hip hop and traditional African dances, channelling the energy he finds there into contemporary dance. He slides from one technique to another with virtuosity, but it is above all the meeting of these worlds that attracts him.

In this workshop, Amala Dianor will invite participants to immerse themselves in this hybrid choreographic universe. They will explore his unique style, and his poetic approach to shape and the concept of ‘otherness’.

This workshop is suitable for professional dancers and dance students.

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