DI Residential Residency: Rachel Ní Bhraonáin

Mon 19 Aug 2019 - Fri 30 Aug 2019
10:00 - 18:00

During her Residential Residency with Dance Ireland, Rachel is developing a new duet for premiere this September in the Dublin Fringe Festival. The work involves a combination of theatre, dance and aerial harness. This is Rachel's first full length work and she is very grateful to have the space to create in DanceHouse.

Image: Hayley K. Stuart/Luke Carparelli

ABOUT Rachel 

Rachel is a performer, choreographer and movement director based in Ireland. She works with dance, aerial and writing, with a keen interest in dance on screen.

Her work focusses on story telling, making the Political personal and combining art forms.

Her interdisciplinary approach comes from her own varied experience as a physical performer on stage, on screen, on the side of buildings, suspended from a crane and with intimate, immersive, multidisciplinary shows. Roles have involved contemporary and commercial movement, embodying creatures, characters, speaking parts and performing aerial rope, trapeze and harness.

From 2011 -2018 she trained and worked in London - touring occasionally around the UK and Ireland. In September 2018 she relocated to Waterford where she began developing her first full scale show.