DI Residency: Yasmin Mello

Mon 5 Apr 2021 - Fri 9 Apr 2021
10:00 - 18:00

Yasmin is a DI Professional Member and is a recipient of a Dance Ireland Residency in DanceHouse.

See Yasmin's work in her New Movements online sharing on 8 April.
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During this Residency, Yasmin will further develop ECOS: an interdisciplinary and cross-borders research developed by herself and fellow Brazilian performer Juliana Tarumoto. Intheir previous work, they explored creating from impulses coming from the body; they then started a dialogue about the concept of home and its relationship with displacement and other changes inherent to human life. This is how they began to develop the idea of body-as-home and in June 2020 they spent a week in an online residency investigating the concept and its implications.

The idea of ECOS is based on the complex concept of consciousness, in which the mind is constantly reflecting the stimuli offered by our nervous system and therefore it is interactively creating images/interpretations of the world around us. ECOS also plays with the layer of exchange between the body as home of the mediator versus the body as a home of the performer in a complex feedback loop of stimuli that happen from within to without and vice versa.  The focus of this creative process resides in constantly seeking to reach moments of truth when moving, connect to the present moment and use image(-in-action) to compose the choreographic patterns through the pleasure and joys of movement. Because the research is based on elements of neuroscience, meditation, buddhism and our body's innate source of knowledge there is an interesting feature of solitude to research within oneself before emerging to share your findings with others.

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