DI Residency: Susie Lamb

Mon 16 Jan 2023 - Fri 20 Jan 2023
10:00 - 18:00
Dance House

Susie Lamb is the receipient of a DI residency in 2023. Susie will also receive a bursary to access this residency- available to artists who live outside of Dublin, to assist with travel and accomodation,

Susie will use her time during the residency to begin creating a choreographic score in response to an existing 30 minute spoken word recording, written and performed by her, with piano composition by Composer Sam Jackson. The aim is to fuse the spoken word audio and the new choreography to create a live solo performance for the Summer of 2023.

“The Waiting” explores the idea of being suspended in waiting and anticipation for "love". The piece examines the archetype of the princess, a contemporary interrogation of the notion of romantic love in its popular form and its implication for the power and powerlessness of the female subject.

Susie will show an extract of her work on Friday 20th Jan- this is free to attend but places are limited to register HERE.

Find out more about Susie...

Susie is a bilingual performer, facilitator and choreographer based in Kilkenny. Susie has  worked  as a  bilingual performer in Film, Theatre, and Dance Theatre since 2000, after completing her full time actor training in Gaiety School of Acting. Concurrently she has choreographed in a variety of Theatre and dance settings and performances. As a performer in Dance Theatre some credits include The Consuming Project, Kilkenny, The M House (Dublin Theatre Festival 2017 and national tour) and her own performance Horae, Carlow Visual 2016, The Complex, 2017.  Her short dance film, FeelR, will be released this year.

Since 2006, she has been based in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny where she has built up a practice in community dance, and from 2006 to 2021  she worked in KCAT, Kilkenny where she created and coordinated an inclusive one year dance course and an exploratory dance laboratory. During this time, she researched and developed rigorous methods in inclusive dance teaching practice which she continues to expand on. From this a number of dancers she has worked with have progressed to develop agency as dance artists in their own right. Most recently Susie lectured in SETU, Waterford in the early childcare and social care modules in dance and creativity, teaching the value of Dance,  movement  and creative practice in these settings.

Susie completed her Dancing the Rainbow teacher training in 2006 and a MA in Dance from University of Limerick in 2016.  Her practice based research was in developing methods around an integrated movement and vocal practice which she has taught and shared in a number of festivals, for example: Dingle Dance Festival, Aonarach le Cheile/ Everyone's going Solo, together 2017, And Rice on Hydra, School of Dance, Greece 2016, 2017.

She has received funding for dance projects, performance and writing work and is  currently in receipt of an Arts Council agility award.