DI Residency: Steffi Carter

Sat 5 Oct 2019 - Fri 11 Oct 2019
14:00 - 18:00

During her DI Residency, Steffi Carter (US) will collaborate with Reeta Rauhala (Finland), Vivian Marino (Brazil), Marina Castro (Spain), and other Dublin-based artists to explore more playful and relatable applications of classical ballet as a medium.

In his seminal work Letters on Dancing and Ballets, Jean-Georges Noverre asserts that ballet is best suited for the dramatic passions: Tragedy, rage, euphoria, fantasy. But what of the less intense, more nuanced and mundane emotions we feel daily? What of humour, banter, boredom, inebriation, bickering, hurrying, loneliness, friendship, traffic, sarcasm, or making mistakes?

Why might we use ballet to tell today's stories? What ways might we weave together existing classical vocabulary and contemporary pedestrian language to illustrate modern dilemmas, current events, and realistic human conditions? How must contemporary practitioners of a classical artform update their processes and content to capture today's imagination? What changes must live performers of a silent art form learn to effectively reach, engage and communicate with a technologically advanced society? These are the puzzles with which our team of international artists will wrestle. This project aims to make use of classical ballet’s genuine capacity to be evocative, relevant, entertaining, and universally understandable.  

A short production will be performed after one week of storyboarding scenarios and workshopping movement. Come share what they come up with.