New Movements: Marion Cronin

Thu 29 Aug 2019
16:00 - 17:00
Free. RSVP to:

Marion Cronin will share work she has developed while in residence with Dance Ireland.

Marion Cronin is working with Susan Geaney to look at the relationship between sound, object and movement. The investigation begins with the home. They have been looking at the structures we build in our lives that give us sense of containment. Through out the residency they have been working with objects from Marion’s childhood in conjunction with a range of objects that hold things together. Using sound and movement they have been exploring the parallels between the unpredictability of these objects and the unpredictability of life. How do we learn to adapt to the change of the floors beneath our feet and the walls that contain what is precious to us? What is it that builds our connection with place and that which makes a place a home? Throughout this research Laura Murphy has been working as mentor.


Marion is a contemporary dance artist based in Dublin. She graduated from the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance after training in Cunningham, Ballet and Release Techniques. She is invested in developing her own choreographic practice and has a strong passion for improvisation and physical theatre. Marion has toured extensively across Ireland and Scotland. She is currently performing with Rob Heaslip in his latest work Endling. Her most recent artistic achievements include a screening of a short film devised with videographer Stephen McGinley and sharing of work in collaboration with sound artist, Susan Geaney at The Wicklow Screendance Laboratory. Marion has worked with many choreographers and companies including Laura Murphy, Jessie Keenan, Junk Ensemble, Lucia Kickham, Alba Lorca, Catherine Young and Theatre Lovett. Marion is a recent recipient of a dance bursary from The Arts Council of Ireland.

Marion is funded and supported by the Arts Council Ireland, Dance Ireland and Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre. 


Susan Geaney is a Kerry Composer/Improviser currently residing in Dublin. She graduated with 1st class honours B.Mus degree and completed her Masters in Composition in UCC under the supervision of John Godfrey and Jesse Ronneau in 2010. In 2008, Susan studied under American composer Pauline Oliveros where she practiced deep listening and sonic mediation. Her sound practice is routed in the exploration and expansion of 5 key components: listening; space; silence; awareness and intuition across various creative disciplines; music, dance, meditation, installation, poetry, film and art. She has collaborated with Small Room Dance; The Quiet Music Ensemble; Kirkos Ensemble; Jessie Keenan Dance; Gamelan Nua; Reception (concert series); Rarescale, Kate Ellis, Nick Roth and Jennifer Walshe.

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