DI Residency: Maria Nilsson Waller

Tue 6 Aug 2019 - Sat 10 Aug 2019
10:00 - 18:00

During her DI residency in DanceHouse, Associate Artist Maria Nilsson Wallker will be working on The Fort, a new duet by the artistic duo behind Flora Fauna Project - Swedish choreographer Maria Nilsson Waller (@nilssonwaller) and Irish singer/composer/writer Stace Gill a.k.a THE SEI (@storyofthesei).

The Fort is an interactive performance installation looking at storytelling in a non-traditional way.  Through the universal game of building forts, we wish to create an intimate and imaginative space that invites all players into a world of exploration, conversations and new ways of thinking. We want to fill the fort with poetry, beauty, horror and stories of real natural wonder - a reminder to absorb and cherish life and the universe we find ourselves in. The final work will encompass dance, music performance, text, video and and interactive stage design/installation.  

The first seeds of the idea were planted during our Flora Fauna Project HATCH residency at Dance Ireland 2017. Since then we have lived with this idea and are brought it more and more into focus during 2019, first through a series of talks and performances at Christchurch Cathedral followed by a 2 weeks residency at Kosntnärsnämnden, Stockholm. Our first official showing will be November 2019.