DI Partnership Residency: Lucia Kickham

Mon 19 Aug 2019 - Thu 12 Sep 2019
10:00 - 18:00

INIT: The Warm Up Project, Fringe Festival 2019, 14-16 Sept, The Lir 

During her residency, Lucia will continuing work that begun in the HATCH residency and was shown as a work-in-development as parts of Dublin Dance Festival's First Looks .

The Dance Ireland Residency Programme enables dance artists to maintain a studio practice and supports the creation of new dance work.


Three dancers and a live DJ. Hearts pumping and minds calm.
Tuning in to the rhythm. Preparing for the task ahead.

This is a side of performance the audience do not normally see. This is the pre-performance, the warm up.
Heightened. Pulled into the light.
Exploring readiness and availability, the performers synthesise their intention into a state of collective balance.

We aim to hide nothing.


Book for INIT: The Warm Up Project here 

Image: Alessandra Ruggeri and Ailish Maher by Luca Truffarelli