DI Residency: LA Feeney

Mon 26 Jun 2023 - Fri 30 Jun 2023
10:00 - 18:00

LA Feeney is the receipient of a DI residency for 2023.

LA believes this exciting residency opportunity will provide the environment and physical space to continue to explore and build upon an already successful residency from July 2022.

In the previous residency, Feeney set out to find “an effortless way of integrating two performance media” and, within the week, was able to configure a structure in which the original proposed approach - the art of beatbox looping using only the human voice (facilitated by a Boss RC-505 loop station) blended with the movement of the human body through the medium of dance - could be put into practice.LA's original objective was “to create mini-narrative “streams” that come together to form a single montage, storytelling performance, spanning a diverse number of themes, embodying experiences and feelings.” This still stands, however, the last residency posed the question of whether the music should have lyrics? If so how are they presented? Feeney will evolve this idea by adding the new element of spoken word to further boost the other already emotive mediums of expression.

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LA Feeney is a passionate hip-hop dancer having completed a scholarship with the Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles (2016) and since then, individually and with Fly Dance Company, Dublin, has successfully performed and competed nationally and internationally including Dancers Paradise World Champions, Mexico (2019).

This year, LA has started to immerse himself in the world of dance theatre, completing residencies with Shawbrook Dance and Dance Ireland and he is delighted to be returning for a residency in 2023 to continue his research.