DI Residency: Jessie Keenan

Mon 23 Apr 2018 - Tue 1 May 2018
11:30 - 18:00

For a long time now I have had a fascination with memory. I think it stems from my own memories of my grandad having had Alzheimer’s disease when I was a child. The sadness, confusion and fear of this has made me want to understand it more, made me question who we are with and without our memories. Why are they important? What is their function? Should my own be better?

Within this research and development period Jessie is looking at the scientific processes of how we actually recall autobiographical memories, and the ways in which we edit our versions of the past as we grow up and encounter new information. The present moment affecting the past memory in the process of reconstructing it. How true is anything that we remember? In studio this week, along with dancers Marion Cronin, Lucia Kickham and Sarah Ryan, Jessie will explore areas of interest which have emerged from desk based research and conversations with cognitive neuroscientists over the last few months. It is early stages in the development, but already she is finding the beauty, mystery and fragility within the processes of memory recall a very rich and exciting place to begin.

‘Whatever it is that makes a memory, it is only partly connected to the possibility that it could actually have happened’ Charles Fernyhough, Pieces of Light

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