DI Residency: Emily Kilkenny Roddy

Mon 3 Oct 2022 - Fri 7 Oct 2022
10:32 - 10:32

Emily Kilkenny Roddy is a Professional Member of Dance Ireland, and will be in studio, as part of a DI Residency.

Emily will use the residency time to begin researching movement ideas and vocabulary for an upcoming project in 2023.

The residency will be used to work on solo practice before working with a bigger team later down the timeline of the development of the work. The residency will be spent working on numerous elements. One being upskilling; in recent months she has trained with contemporary circus company Loosysmokes while working on a show and has gained some acrobatic skills she wants to practice and improve on which requires a studio space. This will give her a chance to blend these new skills into her dance practice in a safe, spacious environment to continue her training as a dancer and performer.

The residency time will also be used to create a series of solos, with an aim to create a new solo movement idea every day of the 5 day residency and be willing to learn and reflect from each, allowing likes/dislikes to stay present in them.

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