DI Residency: Eileen McClory

Mon 23 Jul 2018
10:00 - 18:00

Throughout the residency at Dance Ireland, Eileen plans to investigate and develop a new work entitled Project SHAMED.

Eileen will be working with director Patrick J O’Reilly (Tinderbox Theatre) and dancers to explore the profound effect of shame on society. Is public shaming now our biggest fear? The project investigates temptation, honour and sexuality in a society quick to judge; to demean, to TROLL. The work will challenge gender roles and the male gaze by questioning what it is to be feminine, sensual, sexual and empowered in a digital society that is quick to click and shame.

Eileen's current choreographic process investigates the honesty of the performer's imperfections by creating raw, highly-physical movement material that explores the human condition. Blending text with intricate movement material, to create a distinct movement vocabulary. Her interests lie in creating choreographic works that explore topical themes by delving deep into the realm of social conventions and finding hidden voices. She is keen to develop and experiment with site-specific, immersive/non-traditional theatre spaces and performance incorporating film, projected visuals, archive documentation, social histories and collected testimony with movement and physicality at the helm of the work.

Eileen was awarded the Artist Career Enhancement Scheme to develop SHAMED in 2018, as an Artist in Attachment with Tinderbox Theatre Company. The work will be presented later as a work in progress in 2018 with a full production in 2019. 

Eileen is in residence at DanceHouse with assistance from the Dance Ireland Residential Residency Fund.