DI Residency: Deirdre Grant

Mon 12 Jun 2023 - Fri 16 Jun 2023
10:00 - 18:00

Deirdre is the receipient of a DI residency for 2023. Deirdre will also receive a bursary to access this residency- available to artists who live outside of Dublin, to assist with travel and accomodation,

In early Jan 2023, Deirdre Grant (in collab with Garter Lane Arts Centre)is launching a soft-touch printed publication / visual guidebook for professional dancers who want to re-ignite, restart, recover their practice, directed at dancers that may have experienced a pause due to injury, the pandemic, or recovery from illness.

Deirdre wishes to continue to focus her writings & observations on creative & poetic improvisational prompts that help the body mobilise, reconstruct and regenerate, particularly in relation to making new work in theatre and performance. Deirdre hopes to run workshops on this subject, whilst in residency.

Read more about this project. in her blog, Prompts for the Mover- HERE.

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Dee is currently the Dance Artist in Residence at Garter Lane Arts Centre Waterford.

In her curent role, she has instigated several professional development programmes for dance artists in the south east of Ireland and well as being thecurator of the Jolt Dance Week Symposium.

Originally a Wexford native, Dee Grant graduated from Middlesex University, London with a BA (Hons)Dance degree in 1993. In 2008, Dee retrained in Somatic Dance Education with Joan Davis, Maya Lila, Wicklow, a practice that was to have profound effect on both her theatrical & community arts engagement. 

Dee is no stranger to bringing professional dance to the fore. In 1999 she co-founded, Myriad Dance which between 1999-2013 produced numerous choreographic dance works that were shown nationwide, including Dublin Fringe Festival and Dublin Dance Festival and well as being responsible for creating a new Festival - Sonraigh Youth Dance Festival. Throughout her tenure as Artistic Director, she worked on an ambitious large scale 10 year programme in Youth Dance, in collaboration with the  Arts Department at Wexford County Council, who in 2011, commissioned a celebrational dance resource document from her, entitled -  “Are We Dancing, Yet?”.

Dee is well known as a passionate instigator, educator and dance advocate for the development of contemporary dance practice in Ireland. In her freelance capacity, she has worked (and continues to work) extensively with Arts Officers in Co Mayo, Carlow, Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow and Leitrim Local Authorities, developing & devising several large-scale contemporary dance performance projects & events for professional dancers, participatory groups, youth dance companies and the learning disability sectors.

Dee also lectures at Waterford Institute of Technology, where she is currently doing her Masters in Ed.   

Read about her residency in Garter Lane Arts Centre in 2022 HERE.