Dancing with Parkinson’s, An artist’s approach

Thu 23 Sep 2021
15:00 - 16:00
Online: Via Zoom
Free to attend – registration required
Danielle Teale

Join us for this information session led by dance and health artist and Parkinson’s specialist Danielle Teale, with contributions from dance artists Ailish Claffey, Olwyn Lyons, and Dance Theatre of Ireland reflecting on this area of dance practice and how it has been evolving.

This session is for dancers and dance artists, health professional, who are interested in learning more about Dancing with Parkinson’s and integrating  it into their own work.





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Danielle Teale is a highly experienced artist, director and researcher with experience across the dance sector from community engagement to teaching and leading in further education, professional dance settings, and health settings including hospitals and care homes. Her work in the field of dance and Parkinson's began in 2009 with English National Ballet, and has evolved since to forge an industry leading role in the UK seeing Danielle delivering training workshops and presenting at conferences nationally and internationally including; Mark Morris Dance Group (2018-19 - DCDC Korea), People Dancing (2013-18, yearly People Dancing Summer School course), Scottish Ballet and Dance Base (artists development programme 2018-present), Dance to Health (2015-18 The Netherlands).


Danielle Teale's independent programme, Dancing with Parkinson’s has been evolving since 2016 in partnership with London Hospitals National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) - UCLH Queen Square, and Queen Mary’s Hospital (St. George's Trust). The recent body of work, Collective IDentity, with partner venue Poplar Union explores identity and self perception. Dancers with Parkinson's worked as co-creators of a performance work directed by Danielle and performed in July 2019, alongside an exhibition of art, film and photography all produced in response to, and during, the process. This work continues in 2021 supported by Arts Council England with a strong line of enquiry around how dance can be a vehicle for deepening self-understanding, self-acceptance, and contributing to self-efficacy. This will be shared in a documentary film and touring exhibition of work visiting 15 locations across England in 2021-22, as well as an independently led research strand in collaboration with Lizzie Fort.








For more information: explorationsincollectivity.com
Twitter and Instagram: @CIDProject_








Images: Danielle Teale Dance, Collective IDentity (C), photography by Sara Hibbert