Dance Ireland Residency: Laurie Schneider

Mon 4 Dec 2023 - Fri 8 Dec 2023
10:00 - 18:00

Laurie Schneider is the recipient of a Dance Ireland residency. 

Laurie Schneider is the recipient of a Dance Ireland Residency. Laurie will also receive a bursary to access this residency -  available to artists who live outside of Dublin, to assist with travel and accommodation. 

During her residency, Laurie will investigate, through dance, the experiences of women on the Island of Ireland pre and post-the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. Her focus is those born in the times of The Troubles and those that came of age in the time of the ceasefire, who regularly traversed the Border, with a geographical focus on Derry and Donegal. 

Laurie was born in the Republic of Ireland in 1980 to Northern Irish parents. Living a transitional existence between the North and South, Laurie has been surrounded by women who wear their courage like a garment. This courage has been integral to surviving the losses, struggles, and deep emotional trauma caused by The Troubles. Using the time and space provided to interrogate, through dance, what lies beneath this outward cloak of courage; how external strength can hide deep vulnerability and fragility. Exploring the physical and emotional costs, generation to generation, of a life lived across borderlines of conflict.

Laurie wishes to tell the stories of women close to her who have managed to create, live, mother and survive while navigating this volatile, ever-changing landscape. In doing this, Laurie will bring to the residency a series of interviews (with the support and under advice from Dr Aoife McGrath) she has conducted with the women of her extended family. These interviews will form building blocks for a soundscape and new choreographic material. 

Practically in the studio, Laurie will work in the mornings with previous collaborator - autistic writer and performer, Jody O’Neill. They will explore the voice within movement, in relation to the interviews collected - playing with voice, unlocking the power of spoken testament of the words spoken aloud, and working towards open, uncensored verbal/physical dialogue within the emerging piece. Jody will give dramaturgical support to help shape the material as it develops. The afternoons will focus on the seeding of the physical and vocal/verbal material generated into the overall piece. Laurie's choreographic practice is built on her expanDance technique that weaves together somatic movement, improvisation, visualization, movement meditation and vocal work. Throughout the residency the process will be documented with a view to seeking further funding for development in the future hopes of a full-scale production.

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Laurie Schneider is a dancer, artist, choreographer, performer and movement medicine practitioner. A graduate of The College of Dance and The University of Northumbria at Newcastle-upon-tyne ( BA Hon Dance) Laurie created expanDance with Rachel Wynne (USA) in 2006. Multidimensional, resilient, intuitive, and courageous movement practice are essential to her work.