DI Residency: Jade O’Connor

Mon 15 Jan 2018 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
10:00 - 18:00

Jade will be working for one week at DanceHouse with her collaborators Kate Finnegan and Katie Holmes on a current work in progress; ‘CAGED’.

In this piece Jade and Kate shatter the glass case of the feminine. We have become caged by ideals that are deeply embedded in a collective consciousness. The idea is to expose and interrogate this exploitation of identity, asking the question have we cashed in on a false economy of limitations and perceived perfections? Let's reimagine a new and perhaps more liberated existence. As we look around today, we see women breaking down these walls and want to celebrate this freedom of expression. The performers play with the absurd conditioning we have grown up with and present these warped ideas on a multi disciplinary platform.

Through the use of Music Composition, Song, Dance, Aerial, and Spoken Word, they present a multi-faceted world that inverts notions of gender expectations. The goal is to be hopeful, engaging, current and accessible. The company began working together earlier this year with This Is Pop Baby at Yestival in Tivoli Theatre, have held Residency at the Irish Aerial Creation Centre - Limerick and El Otto / La Central Del Circ - Barcelona. After working with This Is Pop Baby they decided to present the work to a broader audience and develop it for an even more accessible platform.

In August 2017, the piece was developed into a 15 minute performance at The Jerry Fish Stage at Electric Picnic and it is currently being prepared for Smock Alley’s Main Stage as part of Scene & Heard Festival 2018 as a 30 minute work in progress.  The piece is planned to develop into a full scale 55 / 60 minute production at Dublin Fringe 2018.

As artists, the collaborators start from where 'we’re at now', culturally speaking. Kate and Jade begin every process by talking at length about what angers / moves / motivates people in society today and how to invent and create positive change. The artists write and draw up ideas often individually before combining the creations to build a foundation.  They play until this foundation becomes something interesting or let it go when it falls flat on its face.

Sound is an important part of building the environment and tone for each piece, and so together Jade and Kate work with music and remix with sound and spoken word.  For example while developing the latest work in progress they looked at how the oppression felt by gay men stems from an obvious misogynistic society and how this feeling of anxiety is mirrored in how we are perceived as women.  Setting this tone from the beginnig of the work are excerpts of Panti's Noble Call, mirroring the oppression felt as a gay man on the pressures of being 'feminine'. Excerpts from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speech 'We Should All Be Feminists' is echoed in the background.

Through powerful choreography of acrobatics and dance, connected with spoken word and live singing, Jade and Kate confront the restraints placed on females in contemporary society and (absurdly) suggest what we need to do to shed that old fashioned skin.

For further information:

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