Daily Morning Class: Katrin Neue (Somatics)

Mon 4 Dec 2017 - Fri 8 Dec 2017
10:00 - 11:30
€5 DI Students / €7 DI Members / €10 Non-members
Open to professional level dancers and advanced level students
Katrin Neue


Hanna Somatics is all about befriending yourself and moving freely, efficiently and without pain. We use mindful attention and full body movement patterns to ease stuck, tight parts of our self. The work is deeply relaxing, inquisitive and refreshing. Classes are structured (no improvisation) to create a clarity in movement and intention. You can think of this practice as a luxurious base layer of movements, on which you can build upon. Hanna Somatics is retraining your nervous system / brain to regulate how it 'communicates' with your muscular system, improving motor control, body awareness and emotional regulation.

About Katrin

I certified as a Somatic Exercise Coach beginning of 2014, just after I had my son. When I started using what I learned with some of my private Pilates clients, I was blown away at their rapid progress in terms of awareness, pain relief and ability to make kinder movement choices. I was accepted into the professional training and am currently in my last of 3 years of study to become a Clinical Somatic Educator under Martha Peterson.

I also hold a degree in dance education as well as an MA in Dance performance and have been teaching movement since well over a decade, from children to pre-professionals and adults. Somatic Movement brings me closer to dance again and I regularly teach the professional morning classes as well as guest lecture in Hanna Somatics at the MA Contemporary Dance Performance at UL. You can find more info about my private practice at www.somadublin.com.

Practical Information

What is the format?  This is a class focused on the nuance of the body and takes place predominantly lying on the floor.

What to wear?  Yoga, Ballet or gym gear, barefoot or socks.

What to bring?  Please wear layers and bring a yoga mat.  Dance Ireland has a limited number of mats available to borrow if you don’t have one available to bring.

Who is it for?  This is a very fundamental movement practice, so the class is open for all, including anyone living with conditions like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Ehler-Danlos-Syndrome etc. Excellent also, if you experience recurring injuries or often feel wired and tired.

About Daily Morning Class

The backbone of our artistic programme is our daily morning classes. Morning classes are aimed at an advanced level, appropriate for professional dancers and advanced level dance students. Dance Ireland employs highly experienced and innovative teachers from Ireland and abroad. We also partner with companies, venues and festivals in the delivery of classes, which alternate in week-long blocks between ballet, contemporary dance genres and other complementary practices. Commitment to high-calibre and accessible on-going training for dancers is key. Dance Ireland provides morning class at DanceHouse for over 42 weeks per year at a highly subsidised rate for members, including generous discounted class cards.

Discount class cards available to all DI members at DanceHouse reception:

Member 5 Class Card €30
Member 10 Class Card €50
Non-Member 10 Class Card €90

For further information:

  • Telephone: 01 855 8800
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