Company Chameleon: Contemporary Online

Mon 1 Mar 2021 - Fri 5 Mar 2021
10:00 - 11:30
Online through Zoom
Free for DI Members.
Open to professional level dancers and advanced level participants

Chameleon’s series of Digital Pro Class is an opportunity for professional dancers and dance students to train live with the Company.
A mix of movement styles and focuses feature, along with a different teacher each day of the week, who together bring their vast global teaching experience to the floor.

These classes are part of Dance2Connect's 2021 Lab and Festival. 


These classes are FREE book booking required to reserve your place.
Places are limited.



Monday with Juliana “My class will get you connected to your body through core strengthening exercises and stretches. I’ll lead you through sequences that ignite your entire body to explore different dynamics, challenge your strength and musicality. The class will end with a final phrase that will leave you feeling connected to your body, sweaty and joyful!

Tuesday with Gemma “Drawing upon my experiences as a professional dancer with companies including Rambert, The Royal Ballet and Company Chameleon, my class is a dynamic Cunningham-based technique class using muscularity and release to achieve strength and fluidity. As well as working on the articulation of the spine and postural alignment, this class focuses on the ability to switch quickly and efficiently between being upright and strong, and weighted down into the floor.

Wednesday with Alice “I’ll be leading Fitness for Dancers, an hour-long training session designed to support dancers’ physical preparation. These high intensity, fast paced workouts will combine strength and cardiovascular elements and motor, balance and coordination exercises, providing an all-round functional contribution to your day-to-day training regime.”

Thursday with Dave “Find flow whilst rooting down! In my class you will work with a complex movement language which aims to enrich your relationship with the floor. The class emphasises fluidity, while handling intricate functions for moving with, as well as in and out of the ground.”

On Friday Artistic Director Anthony will lead class. He says, “My class focuses on body conditioning, with a series of exercises that build core and upper body strength. Movement sequences focus on dynamic shifts, finding fluidity, efficiency and softness whilst still generating expansive movement

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