Dance Ireland Residency: Aneta Dortova

Mon 2 Oct 2023 - Fri 6 Oct 2023
10:00 - 18:00

Aneta Dortova is the recipient of a Dance Ireland Residency. Aneta will also receive a bursary to access this residency -  available to artists who live outside of Dublin, to assist with travel and accommodation. 

As a part of this residency, Aneta wants to revisit the research for her solo. She developed and presented the piece as a work in progress during the second semester of her MA studies in Contemporary Dance Performance at the Irish World Academy in May 2022. The description of the initial idea for the piece was: ‘Questioning whether to transform through a fight or submission, the creature of the inner voice emerges from the desperate attempt to overcome the limitations of the mind and the body. From human to a monster and back, liberated in the embrace of the process of transitioning'. However, since the piece was performed last time, it transformed and the narrative needs to be further researched and updated. The piece aims to create a cinematic atmosphere with hints of sci-fi and absurd humour. The movement used in the choreography will be very physical, expansive, will involve falling, and include positions and gestures used in Irish step dancing. Most of the studio time will be spent physically working on the choreography and its concept. The first half of the residency will be spent on refining and updating the movement. The second half will be dedicated to the dramaturgy of the piece. She will focus on working on the timing, length, and transition between its segments. She will also work further on researching the topics of the piece and ways to create a narrative out of them which then can be imprinted into the movement.

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Aneta is a percussive dance and contemporary dance artist, and musician. She started as a street performer in 2015. Since 2017, she organized and tutored weekly sean-nós dance classes in Galway, performed and taught abroad at leading traditional dance and music festivals, and toured the EU and US with various music and dance ensembles. She is a graduate of MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from the Irish World Academy, University of Limerick, and of the Certificate in Music and Dance with a focus on contemporary dance technique.