Afrodance with SouthSide Moves - Beginner Level

Every Wednesday from Wed 17 Jan 2024 - Wed 20 Mar 2024
19:30 - 21:00
Please Note:
No external footwear allowed in studio. Shoe covers can be provided at reception if requested.

No Class on Wednesday 1st October.
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This Afro-Choreography Dance Session is a vibrant and energetic class that invites participants to immerse themselves in the diverse and captivating world of African dance styles. This class is designed to cater to a wide range of skill levels, encompassing both beginners and intermediate dancers. Throughout the session, participants will explore various styles, allowing them to develop their dance skills, creativity, and cultural understanding.

Participants will be introduced to vibrant African dance styles, including:

  • Amapiano: Exploring the rhythmic and expressive movements of this South African genre.
  • Gqom: Delving into the dynamic and rhythmic dance style originating from Durban.
  • Ndombolo: Embracing the energetic Congolese dance form with its intricate waist movements.
  • AfroFusion: Blending traditional African movements with modern dance elements.
  • Naija Fusion: Infusing Nigerian dance elements.

Choreography and Combinations: During the session, participants will engage in drilling set combinations, allowing them to master specific dance moves and sequences. The class will focus on both individual and group choreography, providing a well-rounded dance experience.
Inclusive and Supportive Environment: The class fosters a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where participants can freely express themselves, build confidence, and connect with fellow dance enthusiasts.

Join us for an exciting journey through the rhythms, movements, and cultural richness of African dance. Whether you're taking your first steps or seeking to enhance your dance journey, the Afro-Choreography Dance Session promises an unforgettable and enriching experience.

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ABOUT Teacher

Lapree is a professional dance artist in Dance Ireland and an instructor who specialises in afrodance and amapiano. As an advocate for change and confidence building, she is currently hosting classes to promote integration and community. 

She has worked with the Irish Refugee Council with a project called “Move Your Mood” where they taught young displaced youth on how to dance Afro and had therapy sessions on their transitions to Ireland. Lapree has worked with many community centres connecting people through dance. 

As the founder of Southside Moves, she provides dance classes and community engagement sessions where people from all over the world come together to celebrate unity and being able to connect through dance. 

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