Rachel Sheil on K-Pop in Dublin

I am Rachel Sheil, a dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Limerick City and a recent graduate of the MA in Contemporary Dance Performance, Irish World Academy, UL.

I also exist under the brand name 'rikilikemagic' and run a YouTube channel under the same name where I showcase my own choreography as well as K-Pop (Korean Pop) dance covers. K-Pop is a huge industry with cult followings all over the world.

On top of this I make my own Contemporary dance work through residencies around Ireland, the most recent of which was Percolate in Dance Limerick. The themes I like to explore relate to anime, cartoons, comics and animation and the hyper-reality of these worlds.

K-Pop World Festival 2017

Every year Korean Embassies around the world apply to the embassy in Seoul, South Korea to be able to host a dance and song cover festival in their country.

This year, Dublin's own was chosen.

The last time they were able to host was over 3 years ago.

To apply you had to send in a YouTube video and you were selected from there.

I was selected to perform on the day and here is my competition piece:

This is a vlog I made of the day and what it was like. I interviewed other lovely contestants, ate amazing Korean food at the buffet and danced my competition piece all over again in heels!

And finally my thoughts on the whole experience.

Here is my support system for the day, an Irish-bred K-Pop Group!!