New Movements: Sibeal Davitt

ABOUT Leanaimis

The journey for this work started back in 2018 when I made Surrender Navigation with the dancers. We worked extremely well together and we were hungry for more! There were things that still interested me that came up during Surrender Navigation but there were also things I learned and wanted to implement such as the use of the voice. I also wanted to integrate my trad background into the process of making a bit more.

I received the Markievicz Award in 2019 and Leanaimis was part of that application. The notion of following was at the heart of the original application but I feel some elements from my solo Minseach have crept in also.

The lockdown definitely influenced the work. The idea of following changed for me as I started to stare into the black mirror everyday instead of the studio mirror. I had a few strange experiences with delay on Zoom which made me think that my perception of reality was beginning to warp. It brought to mind some theories I was obsessed with as a film student about performance and technology. Notions of the uncanny and transgression came through naturally through the process. I wanted to keep the process of making playful although darker themes definitely emerged.

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Choreographer: Sibéal Davitt
Dancers: Millie Daniel-Dempsey, Emily Kilkenny Roddy, Olwyn Lyons, Jade O'Connor
Video: Gavin FitzGerald and Darragh McCarthy
Producer: Carla Rogers

ABOUT Sibeal 

Sibéal Davitt is a dance artist and performer from Dublin. She has performed at venues and festivals all over the world for over 10 years. Her style of dance is influenced by contemporary, classical and Irish traditional ‘sean-nós’ dance, having trained in all styles from a young age.

In 2016 she created 'Fógraím/I Proclaim' and performed at the GPO as part of 'Embodied', a series of six solos by female choreographers commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival, in partnsrship with Dance Ireland, and in 2017 she performed in 'As We Know It’ alongside Kristyn Fontanella at First Looks, Open Studio at Tanzmesse at KLAP Marseille and ‘Tradition and Beyond’ for Echo Echo Festival of Movement and Dance.

In 2017/18 she co-choreographed two pieces with Olwyn Lyons for CoisCéim Dance Theatre's youth dance company ‘Creative Steps’. In 2018 she created  a short ensemble work ‘Surrender Navigation’ for Five Lamps Arts Festival.
She co-choreographed 'Ask Too Much Of Me' directed by Veronica Coburn at the Abbey Theatre in August 2019.

Sibéal is one of five recipients of the 2019 inaugural Markievicz Award.  Read more about Sibeal here