Meet the Members: Selma Daniel

Selma is a Dance Artist with an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from University of Limerick, combined with 22 years experience in dance performance, choreography and education. read more about her training and work to date, here.

How long have you been dancing?/ What is your earliest memory of dancing?

Professionally since 1997, before that probably since in my mother’s womb. When I was pregnant I watched my babies dancing in my womb through ultrasound machines, so I was probably dancing on mu mum's too. But I have a very early memory, I was about 4, my dad used to sang this specific song to me, a father and daughter's song and I would immediately get up and start to dance every time he sang this song to me… it’s a lovely memory.

What has been your favourite performance you have performed in, or created, to date and why?

Creating my last show ‘AdoleTA!’ was a great experience, the learning process you go through when you are creating a new piece is very fulfilling. At some points at the end of the process I would question; ‘How did we get here?’ How do we get from an intangible idea into a materialised 30minute show with all that comes with it, is pretty magical. 

What choreographer and their work, mean the most to you?

It’s hard to pic, but if I have to choose one, I would say Pina Bausch, Café Müller. 

How long, from the first idea, to touring a show, can it typically take you to create work to be shown to audiences?

It depends of many factors, sometimes I carry an idea on my head for many years, I could say I have a queue of ideas in my head waiting to be developed, but lets say when I start to take one idea from my head to the paper it will take at least an year to premier possibly longer.  

What is like when you on the road, touring a show?

It is a time that I can fully connect with my work, a time with a great discipline and schedule to follow, time that I can sometimes visit places, and interact with other cultures, learn more about people that are on tour with me, getting to know new people. I love touring. 

What does dance mean to you?

Dance for me is a way that one can fully connect to oneself and the world around us, it is a language to communicate with people, a language that can express the unexplained, the untold and the unwritten. 

Desert island…you can bring three things. What do you bring?

A pen, a notebook and a huntsman knife. 

To see more about Selma's work, head to her website, .