Meet the Members: Aliina Lindroos

Aliina is a dancer, performer and choreographer working in Ireland and Finland. She was awarded the Cove Parl Residency in 2019. To find out more about her, see here.

How long have you been dancing? 

Since I was 10 years old

What is your earliest memory of dancing? 

I must have been around 5 years old, in the living room dancing along to Louis Armstrong and Nancy Sinatra records on my Dad's vinyl player

Where did you train? 

I have an unusual path of training, but it was CoisCéim Dance Theatre youth company Creative Steps that set off my journey becoming a professional dancer. My 3rd level degrees are actually in theatre. Gaga and Hofesh Shechter repertoire intensives have had a huge impact on my dancing. I believe one can get a lot out of shorter training periods, depending on the teacher and content.

What choreographer and their work, mean the most to you?

I appreciate honest, gritty, but aesthetically engaging pieces. I adore the general intense physicality of Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal's work. Emma Martin and Michael Keegan-Dolan have incredible eye for theatricality and magic which I find extremely satisfying to watch. They really take you out for a journey. Oona Doherty is doing meaningful work opening up a much needed conversation about privilege in dance and in overall society.

What is like when you on the road, touring a show?

It's exciting as you perform to different audience every night, keeps you on your toes. It's also challenging, have to pay more attention to sleep, diet and recovery time. If the schedule allows, it's always nice to check out the local town for coffee shops, parks etc.

What is the diet and fitness routine like, of a professional dancer?

I'm a vegetarian who consumes very little dairy and eggs so eating is something I have to plan a bit more especially when it comes to protein. Being a freelance dancer means during the periods of less projects you have to make sure you stay fit. I try to go to morning classes when possible and do yoga at home. I'm also training to be a fitness instructor now so that will help.

Favourite music to dance to? 

Ok I'm going to be ridiculously specific here but I really like dancing to industrial electro-techno, gothic dark wave and even some sludge/doom metal. 

What does dance mean to you?

It means connection between body and mind, it means connection to others. It helps me to understand the world around me. I would be lost without it.

If people wanted to see you, where could they find you on a regular day?

I've spent a lot of time in libraries since I was a kid. I still go there to do admin work and research. Sometimes also just to relax. I consume a lot of art, so theatres, galleries and music events are also places where one might spot me.