INYB Dancers in Conversation

We caught up with Irish National Youth Ballet dancers Sarah Montgomery and Chrissie Allan ahead of their performances in The Prince and The PauperThe Gala and Concertino in the Samuel Beckett (4, 5 May) and the Civic Theatre (11, 12 May).
This year INYB's spring season performances will be accompanied by  by the Orchestra of INYB, a twelve-piece string orchestra under the baton of Cillian O’Breachain


Chrissie Allen 

I have been with INYB for 5 years now.

What I find special about being in the company is to have the chance and opportunity to perform twice a year and doing live shows infront of a live audience.
For this spring show we have been working on The Prince and The Pauper, choreographed by Stephen Brennan and Concertino choreographed by Killian O’Callaghan
What I find different about working on a new piece is having the opportunity to experience different types of choreography and see different perspective in dance.

Sarah Montgomery 

I have also been dancing with INYB for five years.

 My favourite memory happened during the Christmas shows last year. It was my first year in the senior company and I probably worked the hardest I have ever worked for the four months leading up to it as I was extremely nervous. It was our last day of shows and Katherine Lewis had asked us all to sit on the stage so she could talk to us. She explained to us that they were awarding a dancer with an achievement award and when my name was called out I burst into tears as I felt that all of the work I had put in had been recognised and that it was worth it. It reminded me why I loved ballet which is sometimes easy to forget and it encouraged me to keep working hard. I can remember dancing our last show with the biggest smile afterwards.

The Irish National Youth Ballet has taught me so many things during my time in the company. It has taught me to be persistent, to stay focused, to pay attention to detail, to work as part of a team and to be confident and Independent. I think that ballet in general is a great way to develop these qualities.

I'm looking forward to being able to spend time with all of my friends in the up-coming performances as it is hard to see each other outside of Saturday rehearsals as we all don't live close to each other. Friends in INYB are different to friends in school because they understand ballet and everything that comes with it. Even though I don't get to see them as much they are still some of my closest friends and I love spending time with them.