International Dance Day 2021

This International Dance Day, we invited our DI members to send us moments of meaningful dance which took place over the past year, celebrating their dance work and our shared passion for the artform.

Thank you to all our members who shared their work to celebrate International Dance Day 2021!

We invite you to enjoy the images, films, interviews and more below. 

Bernadette Divilly

Bernadette has shared the trailer for Mind The Dance, a series of four meditative dance tutorials she created. They are designed for complete beginners and welcome particularly 55 plus age groups across different cultural contexts.

The tutorials were recorded during a residency at Shawbrook Dance 2020. The work is supported by a Galway Dance Artist Residency from the Arts Council 2020 /2021.

You can also hear Bernadette discussing her work in this radio interview from Culture File, March 2021. Listen below:


James Berkery

James has shared the below images and reviews from his recent work:

Still from Armadillo featuring Michelle Fox. Courtesy of The Yard Theatre.  Movement director: James Berkery

Reviews for Armadillo:

'James Berkery’s impressively choreographed movement'- Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor 10-05-19

'James Berkery's polished movement led interludes'-  Miriam Gillinson, The Guardian 7-10-19 

CENSOR featuring Niamh Algar, Courtesy of Empire Online. Movement Director- James Berkery.

CENSOR is due for theatrical release in Ireland and UK later this year.

Olwen Grindley

Olwen kindly shares this image "Still got the legs...!" , a still from Fiona Quilligan's work.

Laura Macken

The images below are from Laura's pieces Connections and Lift.

Image Credit: Anna Hally

Connections has a theme throughout that touches back to ballet's historical origins in early French court dance. It uses a combination of contemporary and balletic movement to connect the past with present. The piece focuses on the theme of connection; to self, to others, and the various levels of connection we feel in different relationships.

Image Credit: Anna Hally

Lift focuses on the daily rituals of life. The cyclical rhythms and patterns that we fall into, that often do not reflect who we truly are. Influenced by others, falling into what people consider normal, we often get trapped repeating behaviour that is not compatible with our true nature. This piece looks at how we can break away from what others and society expect and be true to our own rhythm and pace.

Oran Leong

Oran shares with us some photos from his current project, Arts In Action with Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT), the Department of Education, and Aperture Media. It is a short film offering insight to Oran's life as a multidisciplinary dance artist for secondary school students in the Junior Cycle, who might be interested in pursuing creative paths, and to inform teachers and guidance counsellors as to how best direct Ireland's future potential artists. 

KNOT Kollektiv

These images are from Internal Jogging, choreographed by Ali Clarke and performed by her collective; KNOT Kollektiv. The work is an interactive dance and circus performance celebrating the strength of community we posses with our public. Accessing the inner child by means of games and competition as a creative element the piece invites the audience to come together, audience and performers in a celebration of togetherness. The work is supported by Chasse Theater and Podium Bloos in the Netherlands as well as Gemeente Breda. The piece toured across the Netherlands and is planned to continue touring internationally post-pandemic. 

Image credit: Jona Harnischmacher

Helga Deasy

Helga has recently published an article on entitled Dance and Health: Reflections on Empowerment and Transformation. You can read it here.

Mintesnot Wolde

This poster image is from Mintesnot's dance work See You In The Green, presented online earlier this year:

Aliina Lindroos

Aliina shares this image from her performance at Sidestep Festival in Helsinki in February 2021 . The piece is titled Sketches on Class III by Elsa Heikkilä and Laura Lehtinen.

Image credit: Teo Lanerva

Galway Dance Project

Galway Dance Project have shared these images and trailers from their film projects, Galway Moves and Echoes of Calling-Encounter.

Still from the Galway Moves films. Dancer: Mia Bradley Evans 

Galway Moves is a Galway 2020, European Capital of Culture commission. Originally devised as a series of site responsive performances, to take place in May 2020, the project was reimagined as 6 dance films, filmed by Laura Sheeran. This project is a co-production with Dansnest. Dance artists involved are Kristyn Fontanella, Mia Bradley Evans, Marta Almeida, Genevieve Ryan, Sammie Hermans and Patricia Glynn. The films are now available to watch on YouTube.

Echoes of Calling-Encounter is a project led by Áras Éanna, Inis Oirr and is a Galway 2020, European Capital of Culture Commission. A unique partnership between one of the largest cities in the world and the smallest of the Aran Islands. Three west of Ireland based dance artists, Magdalena Hylak, Stephanie Dufresne and Mintesinot Wolde worked online for 6 weeks with Japanese choreographer Akiko Kitamura to devise new choreography, which was filmed and then edited in Tokyo. The result is a short film, which follows Kitamura’s process of enquiry into the co-existence of human beings and nature following her visit to Inis Oirr in 2019.

Laura Murphy

Laura has shared these images from her dance film, Tide.

Image credit: Luca Truffarelli

Quote: 'Fascinating loops and strivings and startlements that you evolve under an open sky’ - Nicholson Baker (Writer), 2020