HATCH Residencies

Welcome to HATCH 2018. 

During the last few weeks of this year, we're delighted to have our third HATCH Residency taking place in studio here in DanceHouse from 29 Nov - 21 Dec. We started this programme in 2016 to enable choreographers the time and space to be innovative, discover new ways of working and progress their practice in a fully resourced environment.  Previous recipients have been Rob Heaslip and Maria Nilsson Waller.  

This year's HATCH resident artist, Lucia Kickham, will examine the place of warm-up in contemporary dance practice. With a team of skilled dancers, guest movement practitioners, a DJ and a sports psychologist, she will investigate how we make ourselves available and open for action - this will include applying the Scrum process model (which we'll tell you more about throughout the residency!). Be partof the conversation and share your process with us here.

Join Lucia for morning class when she teaches contemporary next week in DanceHouse. During class she will begin to incorporate elements of the practice she is investigating.

Thursday 29 November, 12-2pm 

Welcome to the process.

In the first week of research, Lucia and her dancers will begin exploring the place of warm-up in contemporary dance practice and ask:

  • How can we, as dancers and humans, make ourselves available, open and ready?
  • What does being “available” mean?

Lucia invites you to sit, support, observe and, quite probably, affect the way they act simply by your being present, as they jump into this explorative residency.
Guests are free to come in to the studio at any point.

Event information:

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