Guide to Booking Classes

To ensure the safety of our customers and staff, we are now moving the booking of our dance classes online.

We will release the booking of classes generally 2 weeks ahead of the class being on; with restricted numbers for classes, this is sufficient time for a person to book in for a class. We have a cancellation policy; you may cancel up to 2 hours before a class, and you will be refunded a 'pass' on the app/website, which you can use towards a future class. We will operate a very small waiting list for each class; you can join the waiting list up to 2 hours before a class, and then be moved into the class, if somebody cancels ahead of you.

How to book a class

There are two ways of booking a class online.

Book via the Mindbody App

  1. Head to any Apple or Andriod App store on a smart phone or tablet, and search for the MindBody:Home Workout & Fitness App.
  2. Download the App.
  3. Once it is downloaded, and you open it, chose to 'Login via Email'- it will then prompt you to create an account, or login with an existing account.
  4. Once you login to the app, search for 'Dance Ireland'.
  5. You will find our business, and the upcoming classes will appear first. You can can 'View Schedule' and choose a specific date you are looking for, and check if a class is available.
  6. When you find a class you wish to book, you can add payment details (or use a Pass if you are a Professional Member) to make payment.
  7. Your class will then be in your 'Profile' section under 'Schedule'. From here, you may cancel the class, up to 2 hours before the class, and you can use the credit to book a class in the future.
  8. If a class is full, you can chose to be on a 'Waitlist'- if somebody else cancels their spot, ahead of the class, you will be moved onto the main attendee list for the class.

Book via the Dance Ireland/Mindbody website​

  1. Head to the 'Classes' section of our website. Click on the particular class you are looking for: 'Ballet with Jane Magan' for example.
  2. On the page, scroll down, and click on 'Book a Class'.
  3. The next page will bring you to calendar view- click date and your class should appear. There will be an option to book,
  4. A new window will open and ask you to login/create an account with Mindbody.
  5. Once you login, you may make payment for your class, or use a Pass (if you are a Professional Member) to book a class.
  6. Same as with the app- your classes booked should come up in your profile, and you may cancel the class from here if needed.​

If you are a Member with Dance Ireland

If you a Professional or Pre-Professional Member with Dance Ireland, you should have the option for the following Price Options:

- Professional- 10 class card for 50 euro

- Professional- 7 euro single pass

- Pre-Professional- 5 euro single pass

These should come up as an option when booking your class- if they do not, please contact us.

If you hold an existing Class Card from before we closed in March 2020- please contact Andrea with a photo of the card on .