Get to Know: Lucia Kickham (Part 3)

What's Next & Learnings

What are you working on now?

At the moment I’m exploring solo improvisation through a Next Generation Award from the Arts Council.
I’ve been doing solo coaching with Rosalind Crisp and getting peer mentoring in presence with Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín and on the use of scores from Áine Stapleton. I’m trying to figure out where I sit between the paths of composition and improvisation and playing with where each is useful and needed.

Next steps... do you have a sense of this or does all reveal itself in time organically?

Over the course of the last year, as company Associate Artist, I’ve been very fortunate to have support from Liz Roche Company in multiple frameworks that encouraged reflection on practice and allowed me the permission to interrogate my work and aesthetic through different mediums; (video and live stream commissions for Modes of Capture Symposium in 2020 and 2021, written and visual contributions for the Still Moving Blog). This is something I used to do a little in my process but now feels a lot more important and shareable. Not for content creation or purely for marketing purposes but to allow a broader insight into what I’m exploring and to open up conversation. So I’m going to keep doing those things, writing and drawing, image layering and playing with text.

I’m finally beginning to feel more confident to plan longer term, to be more strategic. At this point and particularly, I think, coming out of the year of isolation and lockdowns, I have less desire to continue going with the flow and hopping around from one thing to another without specific direction. So I’m going to try carve things out more intentionally, whatever that might look like. I’m definitely still open to opportunities that come my way but I’m not sure I want to go back to the pre-pandemic running from one thing to another and not taking a breath in between to check-in and evaluate. There is no doubt that progress can

happen through the accumulation of experiences but I think we can be more conscious and deliberate with it also while at the same time not forcing it. Let things percolate but look at them a bit while they do.

What has been your most valued learning or experience?

I’m sure there are many but right now the biggest one that comes to mind is about acceptance. Body image is a tricky topic for many people but as a dancer it is often heightened. As many people do, I struggled with my body and my perception of what I looked like. Not to an extreme but it was consistently there. Working with Philip Connaughton, both on Tardigrade and particularly on Assisted Solo, I started to embrace my body, its power and strength in a more positive way. In those pieces I was presenting a confident female presence and that felt amazing. Philip facilitated this in a beautiful and respectful way, not with that as a goal but by simply recognising and highlighting the female dancing body, in its wonder and courage. I began then to properly realise that I didn’t have to be delicate and long, I could work to my strengths and then go from there.

INIT:The Warm Up Project from Lucia Kickham on Vimeo.

Images: Steve O'Connor and Abigal Denniston

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