Eimear Byrne: On Creating Renewal

The inspiration behind this work came from the words of a very good friend and collegue of mine, Alison Doherty as we had a conversation about life changing events. ‘I have one word for times like this and it is, renewal’  when this was said to me it was like being handed a small gift. These words stuck with me and it was months later before I began questioning this.

Is it possible to return to what we had already started after a period of renewal takes place following some kind of an interruption (big or small) occuring?

Lewis Caroll’s words in Alice in Wonderland reminds us that this may not be a possiblity? ‘I cant go back to yesterday because I was a different person then’ .

Renewal is a process, I believe it has stages, but how many? Is it possible to know when we have been through all of the stages and have come out the other side as renewed? - is it not until another interruption occurs that kick starts a new renewal cycle for us and so we move on from our last one?’

So when our past is shaken up, then asked to speak in a live performative context through the body, what happens physically?

I decided to create this duet piece now because I believe we are slightly unaware of how much renewing we do in our lives (large scale and small scale). I think, with our super fast paced, screen orientated worlds that can sometimes consume us, being present in ourselves and listening may not happen as often as it should and is a vital tool for us to survive as good humans giving us a knowledgable sense of our own self awareness on what we have experienced, are experiencing and will experience down the line.

On completing my masters in UL in 2016 it has allowed me to pursue my art, dance. This has lead me to start creating and sharing my work with the world. I am very grateful for this. I have a very strong interest in duet work and am developing this area of my dance practice currently and so for ‘Renewal’ will be collaborating with Bianca Paige Smith.

Renewal’ will be performed at Dance Ireland on the 2nd November, Whale Theatre Greystones  on the 3rd November, Dance Theatre of Ireland on 16th December and The Mission Theatre, Bath, England on the 16th December 2017.