DI Member Experience: Vivian Hayes @ Liz Lerman CRP Workshop

I have used the CRP for a few years. My use of the methods came from books, mainly, and from other educators and artists who used some of her concepts. I was a little worried that I would be bored or it would be too familiar. I was wrong and if anything, the work that I had done in the past with CRP helped me to enter into the process fairly quickly as I was familiar with the language and concepts. Her teaching of the 4 steps was very clear and her insight and understanding of the process were investigated, layered and intelligent. It was clear from the beginning that my understanding from books and second-hand was very shallow without being brought through the process from someone more experienced. 

The experiences of working in a large group and smaller groups (as the 2 days went on) put the methods immediately into practice. It was a very practical application. For me, the idea that we are there to help the artist make their best work, was most fundamental and enlightening. This focus did not repress our opinions or feelings or taste, but begged us to question our intentions in how we frame and share our point of view. I found it very hard work and by the end of the long days, most of us felt pushed to our edges. We worked from the very beginning of the workshop with practicing artists offering their work. Work that was in progress, process, in idea form or finished... in a way it was like learning a new language, one that very much came from the heart, and not always in a warm and fuzzy way.

Vivian recently attended the Liz Lerman Critical Response Process Workshop in Belfast last month with thanks to a Dance Ireland scholarship.  Belfast City Council and Arts Council of Northern Ireland provided major financial support for this project. Project partners include TheatreNI, Dance Resource Base, Wales Millennium Centre, Lyric Theatre, Replay Theatre Company, Maiden Voyage Dance and Dance Ireland.