Phased Reopening of DanceHouse

In response to the Government's plan

Reopening the Workplace for Dance – a Coordinated Approach

In response to the Government’s Roadmap for Reopening Society & Business (May 2020), Dance Ireland is proposing a coordinated approach to reopening workplaces for professional dance artists and workers. This involves a phased reopening of our studios in DanceHouse to professional practice that aligns with Government guidance and complies with the National Return to Work Safely Protocol (May 2020).
Given the nature of work undertaken by professional dance artists/workers, some of the actions that this plan involves are addressed by government guidance through “Economic Activity (Work)” guidance and some through “Cultural & Social Measures”.
We hope that by outlining this plan, it will provide some clarity for the sector.

Dance Ireland will be coordinating with Firkin Crane, Cork and Dance Limerick as professional workplaces for dance in the implementation of this approach.

This process will see a gradual reopening of access to DanceHouse from Phase 3 of the Government’s Roadmap, for staff and all users of the space, with a focus on Health & Safety, social distancing requirements and increased hygiene protocols; and a particular consideration given to the safeguarding of young people.

All elements of this plan, of course, are subject to change and dependent on whether the government enacts all relevant elements of each phase. It is also possible that elements could be enacted earlier than outlined in government communications. As such, this will be a live plan that will respond and evolve as necessary.

As we implement this plan, Dance Ireland will not be taking new studio bookings until further notice. This will be reviewed weekly as we commence reopening and test our protocols. We will update our Members and stakeholders via our newsletters, website, and social media channels when this changes. 

Overview of this Plan

Phase 3

  • DanceHouse will open for staff access, to prepare the building for reopening
  • From Week 3 we will allow access for some existing studio bookings on a very limited basis as test cases for our protocols, on the understanding that it could be shut down at any time if it is not working.
  • This would be enacted under the “low level of daily interaction” in Economic Activity Measures, and “sport behind closed door” guidance.

Phase 4

  • Dependent on outcomes of testing, we will allow access for limited number of limited capacity residencies/bookings who pass our risk assessment.
  • Ensemble work will be limited, with a suggested maximum of 6 people in a large studio, and an agreed approach to social distancing.
  • This will involve staggered access and strict Health & Safety, social distancing, and hygiene protocols

Phase 5

           Week 1 – 2:

  • We commence reopening of DanceHouse to professional practice activities that pass our risk assessment, allowing ensemble rehearsals in keeping with pre-agreed limitations, with a suggested maximum of 12 people in a large studio.
  • Allow access for limited training initiatives that pass our risk assessment. Activity for pre-professional / vocational training will be limited by age to 12+

           Week 4+:

  • Prepare for commencement of public access for classes etc., limited by social distancing with a suggested maximum of 20 in a large studio.
  • Access for children under 12 will align with guidance for “Education & Childcare Measures”. 

The safety and wellbeing of our staff, members, and stakeholders of DanceHouse is at the forefront of this planning process.
This plan is supported by a comprehensive review of our policies and procedures, and analysis of building access, capacity and Health & Safety protocols, and a risk assessment and mitigation check list that will be applied for each studio booking, class or activity until further notice.