As dancers, for the most-part, you will be self employed- you will be contracted to do with work by different companies, and occasionally employed by them (on their payroll), but primarily, you will work for yourself. It is important to learn about declaring your tax returns as a self-employed artist. Gaby Symth, chartered accountant, regularly visits Dance Irelad and goes through the process with our Members. Here are some simple tips, he provides, and links to an online form- this form is offline, and you can fill it in as many times as you like, to get the hang of things.

ROS- Revenue Online Services Offline Application- see here.

  • Download the offline version, and fill it in as many times as you like, to see what information is needed.
  • ROS have a support area online, to help you, when filling in forms- see here.
  • The more you do as an artist, the less you need from an accountant, and the less you will have to pay them.
  • Do as much as you can yourself. The more you do it, the easier it gets.
  • About 90% of the information on ROS returns, are not relevant to artists, and you will get used to this.
  • Your job as a tax payer, is to fill in this form, every year, and give them as much information on your income as you have.
  • You must pay and file on or before 31 October, for the previous year.