As a dance teacher/instructor, you have to have your own public liability insurance; this will cover you, in case someone hurts themselves or property is damaged within a classroom setting.

Some venues may cover you under their own insurance, if you teach at their venue; for example, within an arts venue, the insurance could cover teachers the venue employs for classes/workshops within the building- but if an independent teacher comes and rents out a space within the venue, for their own classes, they must have their own insurance. It is worth checking with the company/venue/organisation where you will be teaching, but overall, it is best to take out your own insurance.

Here are some insurance brokers/companies we recommend contacting, as we have had artists use them: 

• Burke Insurance: see here
• Blackfriars Group: see here
• Event Insure: see here
• O’Driscoll O’Neill: see here 
• McCarthy Insurance Group: see here
• Balens Insurance: see here

If you have any other questions, in relation to insurance, get in touch: