Can I get discounted studio space as a Member?

As a Member, you are covered under our Liability insurance, to rent a studio. There are no ‘discounted rates’ for Members, but we offer a wide range of full day/half day options, and different rates for studios- if you wish to book a space, email our Venue Officers on and they will give you all the info you need.

As a member you are entitled to discounted rates on renting our equipment- such as cameras, projectors, dance floors and more.

Do you have an area I can use for meetings/research?

The Artists’ Resource Room is our working home for dance artists, providing a space to work and research outside of the studio. It is free to book for all Members, subject to availability- contact our Venue Officers to book.

I am looking for advice on my career- who do I talk to?

We offer dedicated one to one Artist Advisory Sessions with members of staff- in person, or via phone/skype. These can be on the following areas, or anything dance related:  Revising your artistic plans…..Developing your practice….Funding and grant applications….Project planning….Communications …..Professional development….Studio space in DanceHouse…..Artist Social Welfare scheme

I am working on a project and wish to receive support- what do I do?

We provide letters of support for artists applying for funding and grants.

I am applying for the Artist Social Welfare Scheme- can Dance Ireland help?

We can provide you with a certifying letter, as a Professional Member, for the Social Welfare Scheme for Professional Artists.

I want to work professionally in dance- where do I find jobs and do I need my own website?

Member Profile: We will create a unique profile for each Member, to showcase their experience to date, and to link people to their work- this is a valuable tool to use, especially if you do not have your own website.

We regularly post opportunities on our website for any professional opportunities we see- however we are not an agency and cannot guarantee you are work- we are here to support your development as an artist.

I am looking to connect and meet other artists…

You will receive invitations to Members Meetings- these meetings are a chance to meet your peers, as well as learn from one another.