Rita Marcalo

Instant Dissidence is a UK/Ireland-based company directed by Rita Marcalo. She was a recipient of Dance Ireland's Launchpad Bursary in 2019.

Instant Dissidense is her way of bringing different artists together, in different combinations, to realise different ideas: through Instant Dissidence, Marcalo routes herself in choreography; she brings in people from different areas to solve creative problems, and she invents ways of offering other people dance experiences.

Rita’s practice began in dance/choreography but eventually she was more interested in communicating concepts than in sticking to a particular art form. She began collaborating with others to create work in different media, and today she brings in people from different areas to solve creative problems. Instant Dissidence is also a socially-engaged practice where the company foregrounds the role that dance/choreography can play as a social engine: they are ‘artivists’ who believe in the power of connecting art and social consciousness.

Rita has received many awards for her work, and been in receipt of various busaries and residencies internationally, including:


- Risks, Rights & Reputations: What Next 2018
- Grants for the Arts: Arts Council England 2018/17
- Grants for the Arts: Arts Council England 2017/16
- Space Time Tools: Advice IOU 2015
- Associate Artist: Dance4 2015/13

-Extinction Rebellion: NSCD 2019
-Seven and A Half: Dance Limerick 2019
-One Last Dance: An Chéad Damhsa Arts Council England 2019/18
- In Loving Memory of Thera York: St John University 2018

Full CV with up to date awards and commisions- see HERE.