Outlandish Theatre Platform

Outlandish Theatre creates interdisciplinary performance projects with professional performers and others interested in creating new work.

Outlandish Theatre Platform, founded in 2010 by Bernie O’Reilly and Maud Hendricks, creates new experimental performances through a theatre of enquiry. Engagement with Dublin 8’s diverse communities, as participants and audiences, is central to the company’s process. The found human sense and suffering is presented in uncanny theatre experiences for a diverse local and wider arts audience.

Since 2016 Outlandish Theatre Platform is the first theatre company in residence at the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital (CWIUH). There, at the Rita Kelly Theatre, new work is developed in the contexts of ‘arts and health’ and ‘place and identity’. OT Platform has produced inter-media performances and theatre productions at the Rita Kelly Theatre, in site-specific locations in Dublin, Light House Cinema, IMMA and Shoreditch Town Hall in London.  

In 2017 a new strand Open Theatre Practice (OTP) was established. People from Dublin 8 are invited to join a weekly performance making workshop. OTP is an essential part of our practice, creating a continuous live stream of fresh artistic responses, reflecting our constantly changing physical and social environment.  

OT Platform creates inter-community dialogue in Dublin 8, where there is no independent theatre or common cultural hub, and finds innovative ways of overcoming barriers to accessing arts in Dublin.

If you are interested in joining an OTP session please connect to us via social media or email info@outlandishtheatre.com