Olwen Grindley

After many years of lessons in Ireland and England, Olwen trained professionally as a dancer at the Pina Bausch school in Germany (Folkwang University of the Arts). She had a successful career dancing in Germany, Ireland and the US, and touring to Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia and St. Petersburg.

Olwen has subsequently trained as an osteopath at the renowned British School of Osteopathy in London (now University College of Osteopathy), graduating with a Masters in Osteopathy in 2015. Olwen now works in Merrion Square Osteopaths, and also runs a monthly weekend clinic to treat people who are not available during normal working hours.

Image: Nadia Gativa

Olwen still performs when possible, most recently for Fiona Quilligan Dance in “Window Woman” in 2018, and keeps in shape by regularly taking professional classes in Dance Ireland.

Image: Fiona Quilligan