Nick Nickolaou

Nick is an Irish-based contemporary dance and queer artist.

They graduated with First Class Honours from the MA in Contemporary Dance Performance in the University of Limerick. Before their post-graduate studies, Nick danced with the Dublin Youth Dance Company and other companies in Ireland and Greece and has performed in many countries around Europe.

My current interests stem from past experiences and personal memories of movement. Nick is aspiring in making their own work that is affected by gender and queerness but they are also really interested in working with dancers and choreographers that have the same sensitivity and political view in these matters.

As an individual and an artist Nick has existed in many different queer and radical spaces around the word, such as Faerie communes in America, anarchist and queer spaces and squats in Greece and queer clubs around Europe. As a genderqueer person, these spaces and experiences have been a great political matter to them and they have helped shape Nick's being and artistry.

Preformance Image Credit: Robbie Mullins