Molly Kelly

Molly is a dance student at the Irish World Academy in Limerick undertaking a BA in Contemporary Dance. Her training encompasses technical ballet and contemporary classes, aerial dance training, choreography, and improvisation. The Irish World Academy emphasizes research, encouraging dancers to explore movement within their own bodies and critically analyse dance in a broader context.

Molly is particularly interested in Inclusive dance and has been participating in an Inclusive Dance Training Programme at the Firkin Crane in Cork, led by Rhona Coughlin. She values working with others and believes in fostering connections between dancers in both practice and performance settings. With a background in theatre and improvisation, Molly enjoys devising and creating multidisciplinary work.

Recent projects include a community dance performance at Dance Limerick with Philippa Donnellan, a dance film about Irish folklore directed by Clara Planelles in Limerick, and a valuable work placement at Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company in Derry, Londonderry.

These experiences have shaped Molly's artistic journey, inspiring her commitment to inclusivity and collaboration within dance.