Lords of Strut

Lords of Strut stared out as a street performance act that has gone on to create indoor theatre shows which have toured festivals worldwide.

Lords of Strut are Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally; together they created and perform Lords of Strut. The company was formed in 2009 and had immediate success with their street theatre show which has been touring ever since.The company strive to make engaging, funny and accessible work with elements of various circus disciplines but mostly clown and acrobatics.

The company makes work for both adult and family audiences and has a unique quality that it can crossover age demographics and have a universal appeal. From the 10 years oftouring and their TV work the company has built up a wide recognition and fan base.The company is continually learning and experimenting, and has now a wide level of skills and expertise in both performance, arts administration, technical knowledge which range from Street theatre, site specific, theatre and TV.

The shows are driven by the characters of two spandex wearing brothers who havedelusions of celebrity and talent. Within the shows there are comedic, acrobatic anddance numbers with awesome levels of skill and timing. These characters have been shaped and honed through thousands of live performances, in 18 countries, on fourcontinents, and with varying amounts of clothing.

Recent collaborations have given the company new opportunities and seen the company reach new heights. In 2019 Lords of Strut have been signed as new comedy talent with the American comedy Brand 'National Lampoon', their new show 'Champions of Dance' is a co-production between the two with plans for multiple further productions. In 2019 'Stop Watch' collaborated with Lords of Strut, to make a Dance and Science TV show commissioned by RTE junior, the show went to air in October 2019, and has been a massive success for RTE junior and Lords of Strut: a second season has been commissioned and will go into production early 2020.Since 2016 Lords of Strut, have been collaborating with THISISPOPBABY,first as an act in the hit show RIOT, and then in a co-production to make 'Absolute Legends', which will continue to tour in Feb 2020.