Dublin City Council Arts Office

Dublin's cultural and arts heritage is a fundamental part of the city's identity. Our capital city has a reputation as a modern, vibrant place to live, work and visit.

By working in partnership with arts practitioners and organisations, we can ensure the arts remain a vital part of Dublin. The City Arts Office assists artists and communities to enhance their contributions to and experiences within the arts.

The City Arts Office is part of Dublin City Council’s Culture Recreation Amenity and Community Department. It holds a specialised remit to: 

Practice the arts - for example, by supporting artists and arts organisations
Participate in the arts - support individuals and groups who want to develop an arts project, whether community-led or otherwise, or who want guidance in learning about the arts 
Develop audiences for the arts - whether in schools, communities or in business
Work with other City Sections to maximise opportunity for the public to engage in the arts, and particularly to improve access to the arts

The City Arts Office works in partnership with other Dublin City Council sections, and in particular with those concerned with arts and cultural programming and provision.