Dance Theatre Of Ireland

Dance Theatre of Ireland (DTI) is a professional Dance Company, a Centre for Dance and a Dance Resource organization with extensive Educational, Community, Arts & Health Outreach programmes locally, nationally and internationally.

The Artistic Directors and founders of Dance Theatre of Ireland- Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick- have created over 33 original dance theatre works for a diverse range of Theatres and Festivals.  Digital media, live and original music and international co-productions are hallmarks of their work which has toured widely throughout Europe, Ireland, USA and South Korea.   Their work has been described as “a constant reflection on our human states of frailty and strength” a place where the senses, the intellect and the heart co-exist; where accumulated life experiences and the inexplicable visions of the imagination are equal parts.

Image: Jung Kwang Jin

Dance Theatre of Ireland in Parallel Horizons (Image credit: Jung Kwang Jin)

DTI provide opportunities to Learn, Create and Perform to over 3500 people of all ages  throughout the year. All of DTI's work is driven by a passionate belief in the power of dance to transform people’s lives, improve their health and well-being and put people in touch with their creative selves.  

Mostly recently they have founded WELL-DANCE for Seniors – a programme of modern dance classes for seniors which has had over 1800 participants. Trinity College OT has published research on its effectiveness at improving mobility, engagement and quality of life.  DTI  have received numerous awards including twice receiving 2019 & 2020  a National Lottery Good Causes Award for their work in the Arts.  The Company has also innovated the VINTAGE YOUTH ENSEMBLE a performance group for Over 55's, DANCING WELL WITH PARKINSONS and NATURE MOVES, combining guided outdoor experiences for students and the creation of Dance projects inspired by Nature. 

DTI National Lottery Good Causes Award